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Material handling systems are limited to racks, bins, buckets and generic carts that are loosely adapted to the electronics manufacturers' needs. Software solutions are designed to have broad applications ― generic solutions are used for CNC machine shops, plastics manufacturers, electronic manufacturers as well as a variety of assembly-type houses.


Single Package Single Location storage Carts and bins (InoCarts) in conjunction with our scalable Web based software (Inovision and InoView) brings about the following benefits to manufacturers

  • Increase Inventory accuracy
  • Decreases Machine set up time
  • Reduces space requirement for part storage
  • FIFO
  • Minimize the Partial Reels
  • Substantially reduces Surprise shortages
  • Reduces Part Handling time
  • Reduces Kitting time
  • Decreases Substantially loading wrong parts being loaded in to the Machine feeders
  • Reduces SMT machine load time


Holds up to 1,120 reels with light-up identifiers.

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Our Smart Rack units are designed for flexibility and mobility.

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Holds up to 880 seven inch reels with only a 4 sq ft footprint.

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InoView is Inovaxe’s proprietary Web-based material handling system (MHS) that offers the benefits of flexibility, speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency. InoAuto is included with every Smart Cart controller unit and will reside in the tablet. It provides “single package, single location” control and visibility.

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